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Review: NIHON Sport BJJ Gi

Review: NIHON Sport BJJ Gi

It was a long time coming, but finally we can present a new review for you on This time we have yet another Dutch powerhouse coming onto the BJJ market, NIHON Sport.

The review started like any other, but after a little shrinkage on the sleeves it was impossible to give a proper review myself, so we picked one of our ladies and asked her what her take was on this Gi. Thank you Marije!


Nihon sports is an innovative company located in Helmond (NL). The company is specialized in Martial Arts and Combat sports. They sell, distribute and produce their own fight sports articles, clothes and accessories, all of the highest quality.
Nihon is the Benelux distributor also for other brands, such as Adidas Martial Arts, Stroops MMA and Top King. Inspired by martial arts, Nihon established their own brand in 2007, called Nihon Sports Budowear.
The specialty of Nihon is an entirely customizable range of products. If you want your own exclusive design of sport clothes, articles or team wear, Nihon can provide it, even in small quantities!

Check out their website at:


This Nihon BJJ Gi was designed in cooperation with trainers and representatives of the BJJ sport. The Gi was made of an outstanding quality of cotton, which is well known within the sport for years and is also used by the company to make their products with. The BJJ Gi is neatly finished and provided with badges, but it is also possible to personalize the Gi with your own badges and embroideries.

Brand: Nihon Budowear/Adidas
Color: White
Weight: 550 g/m3

Jacket: 550 g cotton
Pants: 340 g canvas
Shrink percentage: 1 to 2%

A0: 150-160 cm – A1: 160-170 cm – A2: 170-180 cm – A3 180-190 cm – A4: 190-200 cm


A  161.5 cm 150 cm
B  79.5 cm 76 cm
C  52,5 cm 49 cm
D  57,5 cm 50 cm
E  15,5 cm 15,5 cm
F  17 cm 16cm
G  52 cm 52 cm
H  104 cm 97 cm
I  23,5 cm 22 cm
J  74.5 cm 68 cm
K  27,5 cm 27,5cm

As you can see on the above measurements, the 1 to 2 percent shrinkage which NIHON Sport advertises with, turn out to be on the low side. Especially the sleeves end up almost 12cm shorter (which is about 8 percent shrinkage). The rest of the shrinkage is pretty okay though.

The weight of the Gi is 1197 grams for the jacket and 510 grams for the pants which makes it a midweight Gi., on par with a Tatami Zero G and somewhat lighter as an Estilo.


The Gi is bright white with bright orange stitching and accents. So yeah, this Gi is bright!
All stitching looks great and the grey/orange logo tape on the hem of the jacket also look okay. I do believe it might be better to have this placed on the inside of the jacket.

A large woven patch is placed from the left chest to the left shoulder and you can find some embroidery on the back, sleeve and pants. The embroidery all looks really good, and even after three months of rolling it still is all in place.

The big patch is the chest might be a tad on the big side if you ask us. It might’ve been better with the same patch on the shoulder. Or simply place the shoulder patch on the chest instead.
But hey, looks are really personal!

The contrast stitching does tend to be a little wobbly in some places, so we have to wait to find out how that turns out. Normally you wouldn’t notice it, but because of the bright contrast, it is pretty easy to spot. As you can see in the pictures above it even passes on from the lapel to the jacket in some spots.

My Experience – by Marije

The pants of this Gi stay on very well, I never had to stop during trainings to knot the fabric again. The fabric is very comfortable and you can feel it’s high quality.

You can see and feel that the jacket of the Gi wasn’t designed for a woman by its fit. The waist ring is accented on the hips, while the waist is more loose. At the height of the shoulders there is also more fabric for the male body shape, instead of women’s. Nevertheless the fabric of the entire Gi feels very good and training in it is very natural.

The patches and embroideries didn’t loosen at all after three months of training and washing. The fabric also kept its color and that’s why the Gi still looks as new! Also happy to see that the orange did not blend with the white base color!

I personally didn’t like the coloring of the Gi, but that’s just a matter of taste. Moreover it’s possible to adjust the Gi by your own wishes. Just talking about the feeling of wearing and the high quality of the Gi, I can recommend this Gi to everyone.


Next day delivery, good and fast response to e-mails and questions. And let’s be honest, it’s always good to see a local company embracing the BJJ world.


If you are looking for a cheap BJJ Gi and you are fond of the white/orange color scheme, this Gi is made for you! The white Gi is available for only 82 Euro at the webshop of NIHON Sport. The blue and the black ones will cost you an additional 10 Euro.
We do recommend to size up from your regular sizing though, as the Gi tends to shrink somewhat after a couple of washes.
Other than that, this is a great Gi for a great price and definitely a good start from NIHON Sport on the BJJ scene!


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