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Review: Grab and Pull Premium V2 (English)

All these English companies serving the BJJ market at the moment makes it pretty hard to seperate them. Every city, every borough seems to deliver a gi nowadays. This time we’ll visit one of the biggest. Between the mods and the rockers, the famous pier in Brighton, we’ll find Grab and Pull.


Grab and Pull is a company from Brighton (UK) and is led by Gus Oliviera. The drive they have to make BJJ grow in Europe is pretty obvious when you see all the competitions which they sponsor. As you might know Grapplers Quest was also one of their tournament.

Our products were born out of our passion for BJJ and the desire to create elite level BJJ and NOGI gear at an affordable price. Grab and Pull manufacture extremely strong, beautifully presented uniforms and clothing for discerning BJJ and NoGi practitioners. Whether you train occasionally for fun, or you compete at the highest levels of the sport, Grab and Pull is a brand that won’t let you down. As dedicated exponents of BJJ here in the UK, Grab and Pull is committed to making top quality, innovative and fashionable kimonos. Our products have been subjected to years of trial and improvement in academies and competitions around the world. Each time we introduce a new product into the marketplace, you can be sure that it has been battle tested and is ready to endure anything that is thrown at it. Our uniforms are designed to hold up to the demands of both tournaments and daily training alike.- Website Grab and Pull


The Grab and Pull Premium Version 2 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi Jacket is made from a single piece of light and comfortable 550gsm pre-washed, pre-shrunk cotton fabric. Stylish Grab and Pull patches are stitched onto both shoulders of the jacket and are placed in accordance with IBJJF regulations.

The Premium Version 2 Grab and Pull BJJ kimono benefits from a number of subtle aesthetically pleasing details, including high contrast stitching along the seams. This type of stitching reinforces the seams and provides extra strength – while catching the eye and making a visual statement. To ensure that Grab and Pull uniforms don’t fall apart, high quality stitching is used throughout the construction process and extra reinforcement is added to areas of the kimono that are exposed to higher levels of stress.

Premium Version 2 BJJ Gi – Black by Grab&Pull: The Premium BJJ Pants

Grab and Pull Premium Version 2 BJJ gi Pants are made from 100% cotton rip-stop fabric, which is both lighter and stronger than most cotton fabric pants. Instead of a traditional twill drawstring, Grab and Pull Premium pants have 4 drawstring loops and a rope style drawstring. This type of drawstring allows for tighter fastening, helps holds the pants in the correct position on the hips, and makes them extremely comfortable when training.


Unwashed After 5 washes
A 169cm 162cm
B 76,5cm 76,5cm
C 58,5cm 57cm
D 54,5cm 50cm
E 16cm 16cm
F 15cm 15cm
G 57cm 57cm
H 100cm 93cm
I 24,5cm 24cm
J 72,5cm 66cm
K 36,5cm 36cm

If you ask me a size A2 is just a little too baggy for someone around 1.80mtr and 73kg. Not nessesarily in the arms (length on them is pretty good), not in the legs (they shrunk a wee bit too much) but certainly in the chest area if you ask me.

The pants are also a little beggier than i’m used too, but they shrunk a fair bit. They shrunk that much that unfortunatly the pants aren’t competition legal for me anymore.

With a combined weight of about 1700 grams the weight is average. 1205 grams for the jacket and 565 grams in the pants.


Thanks to the extra space in the chest i spend quite some time rearranging my gi during the testperiod. But luckily for me the gi was soft enough to enjoy the occasional gi choke. Even though the pants were pretty baggy in the beginning, they did shrank somewhat.

Quality wise there are some pro’s and some cons on this gi. An absolute pro is the stichting. The stichting and especially the embroidery is excellent. Maybe the best i’ve seen yet. As shown in the Ground Game Titan review this isn’t always the case.

The lapel is nice and thick and covered with the same ripstop fabric as the pants. The reinforcements is all on par with nowadays standards. Armpits, the crotcharea, extra fabric on the pants, everything is there. Extra attention is given to the bottom of the pants which are quadriple stichted.

One thing i didn’t like was the logotape. This is not folded over, which causes it to be quite scratchy. When the gi is moist during the training you probably wouldn’t notice it that much, but i suggest a rashguard to prevent itching.

Another point of interest would be factory control. The black gi was the second we received since the first one had a pretty big flaw in the stitching. After training in the black gi we noticed that one side of the side skirts is some 3cm longer than the other side. Luckily the customer service is top notch so every problem is solved quickly. Just too bad that it’s all extra work for Grab and Pull.


The balck gi is somewhat of a standard colorway. Red stichting on black pearlweave. If you ask me it should be time for some other colorways. I’m glad they took a leap of faith with the white gi though, making it white with green stitching.

The gi is patched with two patches on the shoulder and three embroided patches (neck, hem and ankels). Pretty nice and plain right? Too bad the went mental with the logotape.

The sleeves, the pants and the hem of the jacket should be enough. The long stripe over the side of the pants are just a little too much for me. It’s kind of make it looks like sweatpants. Luckily though, the seem to went easy on the upcoming Elite MK1 gi. This doesn’t seem to have the same striping.


As mentioned before the first gi had a production flaw. A flaw i don’t think will happen again soon.

After I e-mailed Gus about the issue he quickly shipped out a new one. The old gi was given back during Grapplers Quest and he told me he would send it back to the factory for them to learn from it. This is the passion which seperates the boys from the men.


Apart from the net foled logotape and the shrinkage on the pants there is nothing which isn’t pretty good at this gi.
All the rest is purely based on personal preferences. When released, Grab and Pull put this gi right next between the likes of the Estilo 3.0 and they seem to be holding their own if you ask me. With the Estilo 4 just released and the Elite coming up pretty soon it would be nice to see how they would compare.

You can purchase the gi on and right now the gi is on sale. If you want a decent gi at an outlet price, get one quickly.


– EXCELLENT embroidery
– Good reinforcements,
– Service,


– Factory control,
– Shrinkage
– Folded logotape issue




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