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Remco Pardoel verlaat Gracie Barra na 14 jaar!

Remco Pardoel verlaat Gracie Barra na 14 jaar!

Gisteren was Remco Pardoel te gast in de podcast van Grappling Central (Hier terug te luisteren!

Naast een aantal mooie anekdotes kwam er ook het nieuws dat Remco na 14 jaar (!!) besloten heeft om Gracie Barra te verlaten. Wat voor invloed dit heeft op de rest van Gracie Barra Nederland is nog onbekend, maar het is nu al de tweede grote naam (na Jochem Brandenhorst) welke Gracie Barra Nederland verlaat.

Hieronder het statement van Remco:

98% it is fun stories and some info about the history of BJJ / Ne Waza in Europe.
At the end there is a bomb shell.

In life there is no coincidence, and this proofs it again.
Something big happens and I got asked for a podcast.

I want to clarify something to get everything in the right order.
Vinicius Magalhaes aka Draculino and I sat down, and talked a few times.
I was getting more unhappy with how some students represent the values thought, the reflection how they should respect their linage, and how people look at GB in the Netherlands.
At the point it came down that one was giving comments which where total out of place
He was putting a rant on our professors app group, that I gave him a lot of shit over the past 5 years?

Well I saw him twice on my mat, and gave him till this year business in all possible ways.
It tells more about his state of mind, than the message given.
The reason we addressed him and the club was that he trained (again) with people outside of our team, after that individual left our team.

The mind set, of that person, was we where not good enough anymore.
We all agreed on this policy, that GB sticks together and trains together.
I can understand if you are part of a weaker team that you need to train together with others, or if you are traveling and still want to train, you will look upon for another place for a few weeks.
Training together with other teams is not the smartest thing.

They will be your rivals on the tournaments at a certain point of your career.
We had a similar situation in 2009 / 2010 also when one of our (boxing) coaches departed, and some kept training with him, after we all agreed that our ways would be separated form that day on.

I had to find out, when I was on holiday, that never happend and they stayed together behind my back and never got an excuser that one.
So people knew it is not the right thing do, people are allowed to make a mistake.
Do not make it a habit. We agreed again that we stick together.
And yes, it was directive.
To prevent possible issues.
But some still ignored it anyway.

And the other case in that one week was that one other student suggested it was ok to pass me and continue GB without me. I got truly upset over this. Draculino and I had some heated moments over this. I am convinced that this not came from Draculino’s side. But I am truly disappointed that some people had the idea it is great plan. It is written so it can’t be denied.
Expelling was not a option, because that decision is made by the HQ, master Carlinhos and not thru Draculino and/or me. Although we should have it done in 2009 / 2010 if I am honest.
For the reason that some kept silent on both events, was for me the second reason not willing to be part anymore with GB. There where no family values anymore and I am always addressing that issue.

I strongly see it in this way:
You choose the lifestyle of Jits / MMA, You choose me as your teacher, mentor (maybe friend).
Together we took you to this place, I imprinted you with my blue print of the game, and that is a big part of the reason why you are successful. And in most cases your circle of people you hang around with in your spare time are the ones you met on the mat.
Till the last day i supported all my black belts (and lower belts of course) with seminars and fights, Especially the ones this is all about, even though they did not ask me to do a seminar and / or gave me any credit on social media and passed me.

To be honest…..That is not a nice thing to do… And it hurts.
The only thing I did, I kept asking for, was to visit once a month to train and hang out, it is half a day of (y)our time. We all get better thru this. And next to that, thru me, you can make a living out of BJJ / MMA. so please keep investing in yourself and your (own) team. Personally I don’t think is too much to ask if people live max 1,5 hour away by car.

There are no winners in this case, but I can not see myself continuing on this way, with a group where half can not be trusted. I am sorry for the people which I hurted or came short for.
We booked great results and i hope that will continue.
I want to thank master Carlinhos, Draculino and the staff of GB for the past years.
I will move on, and start over and come back stronger.

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