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Arte Suave | BJJ & Grappling | 14/11/2018

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Verslag: West Side Control Grappling Superfight

Past weekend was West Side Control tournament in Aachen. A grapplingtournament with poulesystem for the beginners and double ko system for the advanced and elite classes.
Kenny Polmans fought a superfight against Samuel Sanvicente based on Metamoris rules, meaning 20 minutes timelimit, no points, submission only. It turned out to be a very technical matchup with both guys continuously fighting for the better grips and control. Keeping good pressure from top Kenny got the guardpass and went to sidecontrol were the fight was stopped for a few minutes, due to a small cut. After some medical attention, the fight continued from the same position. Keeping good pressure Kenny stepped over attacking the kneebar, Samuel defended by turning the leg. Kenny then switched it over to a onehanded toehold and got the tap. Submission victory for Kenny after 13 minutes.
Great jiu jitsu displayed by both fighters!

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