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Verslag 5th BJJ Ladies Summercamp

Verslag 5th BJJ Ladies Summercamp

Naast het Female Fighter Camp was er natuurlijk ook voor de vijfde(!) keer het BJJ Ladies Summercamp. Dit weekend, onder leiding van Yasmin Sewgobind is natuurlijk ook op de gevoelige plaat gezet. Daarnaast hebben we een verslag mogen ontvangen van Sara Cory!

De foto’s zijn natuurlijk ook al online te vinden. De foto’s gemaakt door Johnny van Bergen zijn te vinden op Facebook.

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It is the end of the 5th Annual BJJ Lady Summercamp here in Amsterdam, organized by black belt Yasmin Sewgobind. I have just sat down withithout the company of another jiu jitsuka for the first time in three days and I notice the absence. I am starting to feel the bruises and process the happy memories and new techniques I picked up here. I am returning to daily life, but the memories are still fresh so it’s the perfect time to write.

This was the first time I attended a bjj camp, and the experience is unreal. I teach yoga full time and have been on, and taught, many yoga retreats, but to bring this level of focus to jiu jitsu was significant for me. Total immersion in your art, no responsibility except to be on time and be in good form for training, and to make the most of it for yourself and everybody else, is something that takes your passion for your art to another level.

Yes,this would be true for any training camp, but there was an added significance that all of us were women training BJJ. The fact that we were all females was more than just a unique experience, chance to network, and talk about which brand of gi fits best (which, by the way, is always a great way of starting a conversation with a BJJ Lady, lol).

It was the fact we all have so many shared experiences in our time on the mat. We have all been the only girl on the mat, probably the most vulnerable person on the mat, and we all carry the subtle responsibility of defining what ‘women who train’ are like. To not feel that pressure and distraction and just roll was invaluable in a way I did quite expect till I was in it.

I also realized that women, quite often, really do fight differently than men. As always, there are exceptions, but in general I found most of us to be very tactical and flexible. I had to change my game to suit, and that was really fun! I also had a bit of insight into what it might be like for others to train with me, as there were several people with my body type to roll with, which was a very interesting experience indeed! It really held a mirror up to some of my strengths and weaknesses.
All of this highlighted the advantage of having four excellent female instructors (black belt Yasmin Sewgobind, black belt Yas Wiliams from England, brown belt Ana Gloria from Germany, and brown belt Olga Lyashevska), who showed us solid, high percentage techniques that really suited the female body type.

I also had the honor of teaching yoga here. I feel yoga and jiu jitsu perfectly compliment each other, and sharing my yoga practice with some of the most serious female rollers in Europe was a very special experience!

I am already excited for next year! Osss, Sara

Sara Cory is a blue belt at Limerick BJJ Academy in Ireland. Originally from California, she teaches yoga full time and trains BJJ competitively. She devotes her time to training, yoga, surfing, growing her own food as much as possible, playing music, and her husband Damian (also a blue belt).

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