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Trainen in het buitenland

Trainen in het buitenland

BJJ trainen in het buitenland is een van de meest leerzame en interessante die je kunt doen. Lees hier waarom en hoe je dat doet!

One of my biggest passions next to BJJ is travelling. I’ve trained abroad quite often, most recently withTudor Mihaita at Absoluto BJJ in Bucharest, Romania.  Because it’s such a great experience to train when you’re on vacation i decided to write a little guide about it. First I’ll discuss why you should go out and train when you’re in another country and then i’ll give you guys some hints and tips on what to do when you’re training somewhere else.

Why train abroad?
First of all, I’m a jiu jitsu addict. Whenever I go a few days without training I get grumpy and I get the urge to choke people out. When I can train abroad it makes for a much happier me, because a week without BJJ is way too long.

Secondly it’s a great way to meet the locals. Instead of visiting all the tourist hotspots you’ll get to see the city like the locals see it. Just the trip to the academy usually takes you through neighborhoods where you won’t find any tourists.

The third reason to train abroad is the great locations. In Prague I trained in a huge Ice Hockey stadium from soviet times, and in Albufeira the dojo was located in the cellar of huge hotel. Jiu jitsu takes you places.

People training jiu-jitsu are usually extremely nice. Even in eastern European countries, usually not known for their hospitality towards tourists, you’ll meet the most awesome people in the gym. In contrast to other sports there is almost no rivalry between BJJ teams so you’re usually welcomed with open arms.And the last reason to train abroad I’ll discuss here is more jiu jitsu related: you’ll get the chance to roll with people from outside of your academy and you’ll be introduced to new styles of jiu-jitsu, without the stress of a tournament resting on your shoulders. Thats helps broaden your horizon and show new options.

How do I do it?

You can find the rest of the guide right here:

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