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Review: Progress M6

Review: Progress M6

Straight from the streets of Salford, Manchester right around the corner of Old Trafford comes Progress Jiu Jitsu. With their M6 gi they offer yet another gi from the UK. Will Progress be able to distinguish themselves enough to not drown in the huge UK market of BJJ gear?


Normally we score a gi on a couple of aspects ranging from zero to ten, we decided to stop doing so. It doesn’t add that much to the review and we think you base your opinion on the story and pictures instead of the scores.


Progress Jiu Jitsu is a relative new player in the game. Back in 2012 they started with BJJ gear en slowly they worked their way up the market.
Operating from Manchester they are really doing their upmost best to grow not only their own brand but BJJ in general. With sponsoring of events all around the area.

Because there wasn’t a brand offering the stuff owner James Tighe liked, he decided to start his own venture. To Progress. (More on that in a nice little interview he did with Meerkatsu)

My vision for the brand is to take it to the very top if the world stage. My goal is to see a black belt world champion in a progress Gi in the next 2 years. I want the brands to continue to be associated with everything that’s good about the jiu Jitsu lifestyle. There are a lot of us considering the relatively small domestic market. I really don’t worry about our competitors though. I just focus all my energy on being on top of our game. Plus we ship worldwide now so the market size is big. I am friends with a lot of the guys who run rival British brands and they are all really cool, I love seeing the British brands do well internationally and help them out whenever I can. The jiu Jitsu community is very supportive of one another, it’s what separates us from a lot of other industries. I think the speed at which the market is growing globally means there is plenty of room got all of us anyway.


– 350 gsm lightweight pearl weave jacket
– Lightweight cotton pants (He doesn’t like ripstop)
– Rope pants tie – doesn’t come loose in training and 2x extra loopholes on the front of the pants for extra comfort
– Triple stitched across all main stress points. Despite the ultra lightweight the gis are incredibly durable. In 12 months we have not had a single gi returned because it broke.
– High Quality Embroided patches on both sleeves in British racing green (or as we call it ‘Progress racing green’ haha) with embroidered Progress wording underneath.
– subtle embroidery and patch on top of the pants
– Athletic cut, designed in mind to fit the sport jiu jitsu competitor

With most gi’s being 450/550 gsm, this 350gsm is the first thing you notice. Will 350gsm be enough to withstand hours and hours of abuse?

The pants are made of a lightweight cotton, virtually the same as we can find on a Hyperfly, and they’ve got six drawstring loops.

The same cotton was used to cover the lapel. The lapel itself is pretty thick, especially considering it’s a very lightweight gi. It’s not as thick as an Estilo one, but certainly thicker than those on a Black Eagle Predator.

The gi is delivered in a nice gi bag, made of the same coton as the pants. It has the logo screen printed on it and does its job. Nothing more to say really.


A  172,5cm 165cm
B  79cm 78cm
C  59cm 59cm
D 48cm
E  16,5cm 16cm
F  17cm 15cm
G  61cm 56cm
H  98cm 96cm
I  23cm 21,5cm
J 67,5cm
K 31,5cm

Just as with the last Estilo review we’ve also lost this gis measurements (same notebook…) so the pre-stats above show the factory sizing provided to us by James. Of course we DO have the measurements after a hell of a lot of washing (like, three months) so we should be able to show how much or how little everything shrinks.

Straight out of the bag the gi can be a bit baggy. Maybe it’s because of the ultra lightweight fabric, but the stats show the same conclusion as well. The arms are really long and the pants are pretty wide as well.

Luckily it all shrank pretty well, so we ended up with a gi which has a decent fit, but they might try to get the cut a little tighter. There is still some weight to save! :-)

Talking about excess weight, this gi has none. Many brands nowadays say their 1600 grams gi is ultra lightweight. Well, Progress makes sure sure you can still enjoy your Fish & Chips or your meat and potato pie right before the tournaments weigh-inns. This gi only adds up to right above 1300grams.
849grams for the jacket and 476 grams for the pants.
That is what you call ladies and gentleman, a lightweight gi.


How comfortable and sturdy can a gi get when it’s only half the weight of a regular gi?
One thing is for sure, this gi can sure hold up to a lot of punishment!

All reinforcements are in place, except for those in the armpits. This is probably done to save some weight, but we also think that with the cut, the armpit reinforcements aren’t really all that useful. Because of the cut there isn’t really a stress point underneath the armpits.
All the other reinforcements are well up there. Thick canvas like fabric in the sleeves, the pants and the bottom of the jacket, which might be even better than regular nylon logo tape. It may not look as pretty, but it does look a bit sturdier.

The sleeves are finished with three rows of extra stitching and the pants even has four.

Because of the lightweight fabric there can be a little bit stretching when the gi is wet, but it’s really something to worry about. This gi is made of one piece and it feels like it will stay in one piece for a long time.

The pants have a nice extra layer of fabric, which might have been a bit longer. When kneeling it barely passes the knee.

The color of the gi stays pretty decent after a longer period of time, but there is a little fading. Especially on the jacket. Nothing much though, just what you might expect after months of punishment. The color didn’t run when first washed so it’s good to know that it’s safe to wash it with your girl/boy- friends white socks.

With the first wear the rope drawstring wasn’t “ sealed” at the ends, so there was a little bit of fraying. Nothing a lighter won’t fix, but they should’ve done it at the factory.


If you like fancy gi with loads of patches and flashy rashguard non-stick teflon lining, please stop reading. This gi isn’t anything like that. Simple royal blue with nice “British Racing” green logos. Two on the sleeves, one on the legs. Thats it. Sorry. Because they used the same logo on both the sleeves and the pants it looks really clean.

Stitching is spot on but we’re still not so sure about the blue/green combo.

That’s it on the looks really. Nothing more to see. Sometimes less really is more.


James seems a good guy who is passionate about his stuff. He responds promptly to questions and answers them in a nice way.
Shipping to Holland is about 10/15 pounds and will take 2/3 days.


If you are looking for a true lightweight gi you might have found your new gi in this Progress M6. Even though it’s really lightweight, it doesn’t have a budget feel to it, and it will probably take some real big 400kg guy (or girl) to tear it apart.

We think they might be able to alter the cut a little more to get it even more competition-like and even get it under the 1300 grams barrier, but that’s pretty much all there is to say.

It’s a simple, clean, lightweight gi, great for competing and everyday summer training.

They offer the gi in white, royal blue, and they are should be available in a very sexy black as well sometime soon! You can get yours for 92 pounds at


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