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Review: Ground Game Titan Energy (English)

Mariusz Pudzianowski From Poland. 186cm, 142kg, 5x World Strongest Man and 6x of Europe. Also active in Kyokushinkai Karate for over 10 years.

What is he doing on Arte Suave? Well, we honestly don’t know. What we do know is that those two words are probably what this review is about… The Ground Game Titan Energy from Poland, powerfull!

Even before Arte Suave was born there was regular contact with Chris from Ground Game. A purple belt with over 5 years of BJJ experience. Together with a fellow purple belt he started Ground Game back in 2010. So these guys must know what to look for in a gi.

Ground Game brand was established in summer 2010. We aim to make a name for ourselves with the highest quality and breathtaking designs. We train, compete and are a part of the martial arts community and that is the reason why we value the relationship with our customers so much. We deliver products that we ourselves wear with pride every day.
– Ground Game

A little over a month ago the Titan Energy arrived on boat and was directy shipped from the cold cities of Poland to the even colder suburbs of Holland. The track and trace code was e-mailed and soon we could follow the package all the way from Poland, while reading Polish. After about 1,5 week we welcomed the postman with a nicely packed box. Sender: Ground Game.


– light and strong pearl weave jacket – 550GSM
– one pair of rip-stop pants
– additional pair of canvas cotton pants
– nice and soft inside printing that will never come off!
– world class design with superb embroidery and patches
– blue contrast stitching
– pants reinforced from the knees all the way down with extra material layer
– rope drawstring with two wide belt loops to help you tie them better
– meets IBJJF competition requirements

The gi is boxed with some stickers, a large gi bag able to easily fit the Titan Energy which comes with two pair of pants. One ripstop for competitions and one heavy cotton for the regular training. Or better, one ripstop for competition and a tank to get you there.

Measurements and weight

Okay, as you can understand this gi is like an armour. 1315 grams for the jacket, 600 grams for the ripstop pants and 810 grams for the thick cotton one. Compared to the 1600 grams of the Gear4Fighters gi this is a pretty big boy. But! That weight serves a purpose! More on that later on. Let’s have a look how the gi handles itself in the washer.

What are Ground Game’s specs?

– A1: Height: 165-177cm, weight: up to 75kg,
– A2: Height: 178-185cm, weight: 76 to 85kg,
– A3: Height: 186-194cm, weight: 86 to 94kg,
– A4: Height: 195-210cm, weight: over 100kg,

So length wise a A2, and weight wise an A1 would do the trick.. We settled for an A2.

New After 5 washes
Jacket A2
A 173cm 165,5cm
B 79,5cm 77,5cm
C 61cm 61cm
D 57cm 53cm
E 16,5cm 15,5cm
F 13cm 12cm
G 53,5cm 52cm
H 98,5cm 98,5cm
I 25cm 24cm
J 68,5cm 67,5cm
K 38cm 38,5cm
G 53,5cm 51,5cm
H 101cm 96cm
I 24cm 24cm
J 69,5cm 66,5cm
K 40cm 37cm

So a pretty roomy cut, but luckily no short sleeves or pants after washing it. Seven centimeter of shrinkage is pretty standard. Note that there is virtually no shrinkage of the pants!

The pants are pretty equal to those of the Gameness XT with a roomy, baggy fit. If you ask me the crotch area could’ve been higher though. With the thin ripstop pants it isn’t much of an issue for me, but with the thicker cotton pants it’s really noticable. The same goes for the jacket. An extra centimeter here and there makes it a bit of a baggy fit for now (at 181cm and 72,5 kg coming straight out of a tournament).

Comfort and craftmanship

Like mentioned before the fit of the gi is a little off for me, so thats why the main focus will be on the details.

Two small issues regarding comfort. The stitching in the back of the nack can be a little bit scratchy. Also the drawstring is very very very thick. At almost an inch in width it closes the pants very well, but it does create somewhat of a buildup on the front.

Okay, details. DETAILS! With the review of the Gameness XT we already mentioned that the gi was very well reinforced.. Well, the Titan Energy takes it to a whole nother level

– Logo printing on the inside of the jacket;
– All seams are extra reinforced, either with logo tape or regular thick cotton;
– Drawstring tunnel instead of loops;
– Butt reinforcement (indeed…);
– Extra fabric on the knees goes all the way down;
– Extra stitching on all overlapping pieces.

Some extra attention for the butt reinforcement. Compare it to some kind of Alldays piece of extra fabric. Placed on top of the back seam. Extra knee fabric is always welcome, but for us guard fighters it is often the back of the trousers which get ripped. No more when wearing this bad boy! You don’t notice the extra fabric while rolling but it surely gives some extra peace of mind while being upside-down in your inverted guard.

Another very good reinforcement is the extra stitching on the overlapping pieces of fabric. All small details which will take this gi into the next decade, or century.

The drawstring works like a charm so no more re-tying the gi while rolling.

With contrasting stithcing it’s always easy to see any flaws in the stitching, but when there aren’t any.. Well you get the point. Stitching is done very well!

Point to improve would be the quality of the logo stitching on the chest. We get that you want it stitched instead of a patch but unfortunatly the stitching just isn’t as sharp and crips a woven patch. You might also need to take a lighter to burn the edges of the drawstring by the way. They have been burned already, but not enough.


Are first thought when describing this gi was organised chaos. If you open up the gi it is a bold design with all the logos on the inside, but closed, the gi is pretty clean with 2 shoulder, 1 chest and 1 neck logo. On the pants you fill find one patch and one stitched logo.

As said before it is contrast stitched. Blue on white. When done properly it looks awesome, as it does with this gi.

Service Ground Game

For a company consisting of only 2 people they do a great job on customer service, They respond to questions in a fast and proper way. Because they have a combined number of 10 years on the mat you also know what the answer you’ll be getting is a honest one.

The gi is packed neatly in a box and the track and trace works pretty good. Even though it’s in Polish, Google Translate will be there to help you.


– Reinforced like no other;
– Two pair of pants;
– Little to none shrinkage;
– Butt reinforcement !


– Quality of the logo stitching;
– Not the right fit if you are 181cm and 72,5kg;
– Drawstring is too thick.

In the end this is a gi which is awesome to add to your collection. Reinforced like no other (which might not be the best decision business wise) this gi will last a lifetime.

For €109 euro ex postage this gi is in the lower price range, mainly because of the extra pair of pants you get, which makes it a hell of a lot of gi for your money.

Our advice? Measure your own gi and send the dimensions to Ground Game so they can get the best fitting gi for you.

You can order the gi at and the best way to contact them is via!