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Review: BJJ Globetrotters Super Light Travel Gi (English)

Review: BJJ Globetrotters Super Light Travel Gi (English)

For those among us who don’t like their gi’s medieval (like a judo kimono), who want to move like Muhammad Ali (“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”) and the people who simply don’t have space to have 10 gi’s drying simultaneous, they created 100% ripstop gi’s.

One of the creators of such a gi is the big man behind BJJ Globetrotters, Christian Graugart. When Christian decided to travel the world and visit 56 schools in only 140 days he was accompanied by a ripstop gi of Kauai Kimonos. Small, light to pack and dry in no-time.

In 2014 he decided to create his own gi, the Globetrotter Super Light Travel gi!


BJJ Globetrotters is a project/team founded as a reaction on all the political bullshit which BJJ is surrounded with nowadays. Teachers who decides who trains where, or only within their own affiliation. BJJ Globetrotters is against that political stuff.

” I always disliked politics in Jiu Jitsu and pretty much managed to steer clear of most it myself, but throughout the years, I’ve heard and experienced my fair share of bullshit. Students who are told they are not allowed to train with whom they want. People who has gone traveling and gotten a friendly reminder from their instructor, that they can only visit academies on their trip within their affiliation. Bad mouthing of former students and friends, who has chosen to change academy, sometimes even online in public. Being encouraged to keep a distance towards those not training with you. Push an “us vs. them” mindset, even to the children of which the people are role models for. The list goes on, and I am sure you know, what I am talking about.

There is no “us vs. them”, it’s an illusion, a stone age mechanism, hardwired into our brains to keep us safe by staying with and fighting for our own desert tribe. Anything else would’ve meant certain death 2.5 million years ago. The typical Jiu Jitsu business model builds on—and takes advantage of— this and channels it into a culture of “expected loyalty”, which is great for short term money-making, but very bad for long term karma. At the end of the day, we’re all just adults, who likes to grapple and no other adult should tell us, who we can and can not play with.”

So basically they have the same motto as us, WE ARE ALL ONE!

More information on BJJ Globetrotters can be found on:

They also do a number of BJJ camps. This year their summercamp will be in Leuven, BE with Wim Deputter and Daniel Bertina as teachers.

Enough on the team, let’s have a look at the gi!


This is the perfect gi to bring for your travels! Takes up extremely little space in your backpack/suitcase and dries in no time after you’ve washed it. High quality material and build, this gi will last for years on the road!

Super light ripstop jacket and pants
Perfect to bring for traveling
Fast drying
Beautiful embroideries
Large BJJ Globetrotters patch
Includes a free eBook copy of “The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Globetrotter”

Any questions? Contact us on Actual people will actually answer your email, promise!


A  168 cm 166 cm
B  78 cm 77,5 cm
C  58,5 cm 57,5 cm
D  52,5 cm 51,5 cm
E  17,5 cm 17,5 cm
F  12 cm 11,5cm
G  55 cm 55 cm
H  103 cm 100,5 cm
I  24,5 cm 24,5 cm
J  79 cm 77,5 cm
K  25,5 cm 24,5cm

As you can see the gi has minimal shrinkage after 5 washes (and even after 50 now). Where we’ve encountered some ripstop before which shrank like a wool sweater in a hot airdrier, this gi has none of that.

The measurements are pretty much what you can expect from an A2 size, but it might feel more like some kind of pyjama. With the pants being a little on the loose side as well, this only adds to the pyjama feeling. Of course this is not because of the measurements, but only because of the weight of this gi.

With the pants weighing in at 536 grams (which isn’t even THAT light.. A Progress M6 pair of pants did 476 grams on the scale) and just 684 grams for the jacket this gi is really really light! The total weight of the gi (1220 grams) is lighter than a Tatami Estilo jacket. The jacket itselfs weighs less than the pants on a Gameness XT..!!

This might got you thinking that a gi like this might only be suitable for karate. Okay, we are the first to confess that was the first thing that crossed our minds as well, but after weeks of torture the test person (and the gi) survived without problems.

Is this a gi which has such a horrible collar? As light and thin as the rest of the jacket? Wrong as well as you can see on the picture beneath where we compare it to the collar of a Tatami Estilo. The Tatami collar definitely feels sturdier, but as you can see the Globetrotters collar is only slightly thinner.

A mayor selling point of this gi is of course the time it takes to dry. Only 90 minutes after a full cycle, this gi is ready to be used again. Maybe not completely dry, but certainly enough to bring to another training. This was measured in the Dutch winter so everywhere else on the world it is probably even faster (as well as in the summer of course).

And when your travelling, you can just wear the gi while taking your post training shower and hang it in your rental Escalade to dry.


It takes some getting used to when your normal gi circulation consist of a Estilo 4 and a Gameness XT. Like you get rid of your suit and get in your pyjamas as soon as you get home. Like you take of your Doc Martens and wear your comfy Nike Frees.

You might realise that we like this gi very much, but we have to say though, that you need to be open for a really light gi. If you like your gi a bit heftier, you would probably hate this one. It’s a real love it or hate it gi.

Quality wise it is great. The tape in the sleeves isn’t scratchy at all and all the embroidery and patches are spot on.

All reinforcements are where you would expect them, which is great considering the light weight of the gi.

Small minor are the birds which are printed on the inside of the jacket. It seems to be screenprinted, which might not have been the best option considering the amount of wear and tear. As you can see on the picture there are some birds which already starting to fade.

One other minor is the weight of the pants in relation to the jacket. Their could be some extra weight to be saved on the pants.

Even though the gi makes you float like a butterfly, it also makes you appreciate grips more. Or hate them i guess. When your opponent has a grip on you, it is really hard to get rid of it because of the fabric. Let’s say it only makes you work harder to get your results. Which is kind of plus right?


“Damn that is a nice looking gi! Which one is it? I really like the color!” – Felipe Costa

If it is good enough for Felipe Costa, it is good enough for us. Seriously though, Felipe wasn’t the only one who was impressed immediately

Available in both grey and blue, the grey version is an instant winner. There wasn’t a single person during training who didn’t want to know which gi it was.

If we take a look at the jacket, the first thing that pops out is the big colorfull patch of BJJ Globetrotters which is stitched on. If this patch is a little bit too colorfull, or big for you, you could probably get it off in a matter of minutes, since it’s only stitched with a single row and doesn’t seem to interfere with other stitching.

On the left sleeve you will find a smaller BJJ Globetrotters patch and on the back of the neck you will find an airplane, these one is directly embroided on the jacket itself. The inside of the jacket has a flock of birds screen printed on it. Both the airplane as well as the birds are both related to the traveling Christian has done and are nice details.

The back of the jacket has a wave embroided on the bottom. The same wave you can find on the logotape used at the sleeves and the pants.

The pants are completely clean besides a small logo on the ankle.

One thing to remember when wearing this gi, is that somewhere during your training you will look like a giraffe a grey giraffe. Due to the type of fabric and the color, spots of sweat will be twice as dark as the rest of the color. Luckily this will only be a matter of minutes (depending on the intensity of your training), because soon the entire gi will be a nice dark grey color.


Quick delivery (free worldwide!): Check

Packaging: Check

Communication: Check

There were also some extra patches in the box, as well as a keychain and a bottle opener. Als there is a code included which you can use to get a free copy of the BJJ Globetrotters eBook,


If you are looking for a light, 100% IBJJF illegal gi, which dries fast and has the looks to attract Felipe Costa, you have found your gi!

Not to mention the fact that you are supporting someone in the community who want to get rid of all political nonsense, so that’s a plus as well.

The gi is available at and will set you back 149 dollar including worldwide free shipping and a digital copy of the book. Because of the awfull exchange rate on the dollar nowadays the gi will end up costing you about 149 euro.

But when (not if) the exchang rate gets a bit better, the gi will probably be somewhere around 110 euro, which is a very decent price if you also get the free book as well.

So if you are looking for a really nice and light trainings gi, this might be your best bet.

– Looks;
– The weight;
– All the details and reinforcements even though the it’s weight, this is the real deal.

– Screen printing doesn’t seem to hold to torture,
– There could be some extra weight savings in the pants,
– The dollar is awfull at the moment.

*Special thanks to Wouter Swinkels for the pictures!
** Sorry for grammatical errors if there are any. It’s early okay!



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