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Arte Suave | BJJ & Grappling | 09/12/2018

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Onafhankelijk BJJ Team: Globetrotters

Onafhankelijk BJJ Team: Globetrotters

Een zeer goed intiatief van de schrijver van BJJ Globetrotter, Christan Graugart. Een wereldwijd BJJ Team, open voor iedereen. Geen politiek, alleen BJJ.

BJJ Globetrotters offers an alternative to traditional affiliation within Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Membership is open for anyone (both individuals and gyms), and there are basically no requirements to join, other than to spread—and agree with—the message :)

  • The members of the team share a common set of values:
  • We don’t pay each other any affiliation fees
  • We wear any patches we like on our gis
  • We are free to represent any (or no) team in competition
  • We encourage training with anyone regardless of affiliation
  • We are willing to promote anyone who deserves it—members or not
  • We arrange camps, seminars and visit each other for training and fun
  • We believe everyone is equal both on and off the mats
  • We strive to enjoy life, people and the world through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • The team is officially registered with the IBJJF, in order for our members (and non-members, for that sake) to compete at those tournaments.

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