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Arte Suave | BJJ & Grappling | 19/09/2018

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Interview: Gus Oliviera (BJJ 24/7)

Interview: Gus Oliviera (BJJ 24/7)

Vorig jaar kregen we in Nederland Grapplers Quest. Dit jaar hebben we de Carlson Gracie Open gehad en binnenkort zal in Nederlands ook het UAEJJ Dutch National Pro Jiu Jitsu Championship gehouden worden waarbij volledige reizen naar Abu Dhabi te winnen zijn. Reden te meer om eens wat vragen neer te leggen bij Gus Oliviera, de man achter BJJ 24/7.

Who is Gus and what is BJJ 24/7?
I was born in Rio de janeiro, Brazil and I have started training bjj since i was 12 years old, I moved to the UK in 1995 when I was 17 and I have been working within this industry since 2008. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu twenty four seven is my dedicated events company for the brazilian jiu jitsu industry, and it is what i do 24/7 November will be the first anniversary.

You started with 24/7 back in England, and are now making the transition over to the mainland of Europe, what is your mainreason to do so?
I love traveling I enjoy seeing Europe and i love running events, so I not put it all together and help the sport grow around Europe.

The first mayor tournament you brought to Holland was the GQ in Amsterdam. Reactions on that tournament were not very good to say the least. What is your view on that debut?Unfortunately, although I have secured this deal, I did not run it personally , the work was delegated to a team that was running the events at the time, however It did not work, and I have lost over £10K on that event, but sometimes, it is the best way of learning, it was a wake up call, since then my wife took over Grab&Pull and I dedicated myself time full time to the Events Company, and the results are there for people to see.

With the Carlson Gracie challenge the reactions afterwards were way better. Even some guys who i’ve spoken to who swore to never visit any of your tournaments again, they were well impressed by it. Seems like you learned from your mistakes on that GQ event. What do you think was the main difference?
Since the experience with GQ last year, I took over all the Events Company in November last year and we launched BJJ247. We have trained the personnel and every single event was run under the time table. We have a great team of people working with us, such as Lawrance, Olga, Jon and Emma Jarvis, James and sardine and his crew.

I did set a perfect plan for us to attack and deliver the tournaments, however without the amazing guys that we have working hard with us and my wife supporting the other side of the business, nothing would have changed, so I give all the credit to all these amazing group of guys & girls. They called themselfs the A-Team.

The next one you are bringing to Holland is a mayor one, probably even bigger as GQ. The UAEJJ Dutch National Professional Jiu Jitsu Championship. How did this one came together?
I have been working with the guys in Abu Dhabi since the very fist tournament they did for the World Pro back in 2009, so it was a long process. The UAEJJF is the only true federation in the world, as It is not a company looking for profit and the only federation with a government behind with a clear idea which is to get Jiu Jistsu into the Olympics and the other side of the federation is to make it a professional sport, just like we have in boxing.

The prices on that tournament are like never seen before in Holland. Can you enlighten us a bit more on what there is to win, and who can win it.

*OPEN LIGHT (under75) *OPEN HEAVY (over75)

*OPEN LIGHT (under75) *OPEN HEAVY (over75)

*under75kg (165lbs) *under85kg (187lbs) *Over 95kg (+209lbs)

*OPEN LIGHT (under65) *OPEN HEAVY (over65)

*OPEN LIGHT (under65) *OPEN HEAVY (over65)

*OPEN LIGHT (under65) *OPEN HEAVY (over65)

*OPEN LIGHT (under65) *OPEN HEAVY (over65)

White Belt
Open Weight Male $500,

Black Belt
Open Weight Male $1000,

What can we expect next?
Well there is a lot of good stuff in the pipeline. But we are working on the National Pro Legue , as we need guys/girls and coaches living of BJJ earning money to compete, there are lots of things riding on the back of the success of this event, If I can prove to the federation that Holland has the depth and demographic for the Pro league, I know they will support it and invest.

In the next few years we will have the national championship in every country of Europe and when we have that, it means we will have Team UK, Team France, Team Netherlands and so on going to the main event in Abu Dhabi, just like it happens at the Olympics game. The future is bright the future is ORANGE. Go Holland I would say.

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