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Grootmoeders Grappling Tips #4: Oor- en kniebescherming

Grootmoeders Grappling Tips #4: Oor- en kniebescherming

Jiu jitsu is not a very cheap hobby, a gi will easily cost you around €150,-, IBJJF tournaments will cost about €100,- and then there’s the monthly price for training in the first place. When you think you have everything covered you hurt your knee. Or even worse, the big guy in the gym Ezekiel chokes you on your ears. Cauliflower waiting to happen. For the knee and ear injury’s I’ve found some cheap and nice solutions. Sure, they might have their flaws, but they’re cheap and easily obtainable. Without further ado, I present you: the volleyball knee protector and the water polo cap!

Volleyball knee protectors
Knee protection sucks. You can wear it for about two days before people start tapping out from the smell emitting from those things. I’m now the proud owner of a collection of 3,5 pairs of knee protection. I have a set of booster knee protection ‘sleeves’, a set of Venum cushiony protectors, one Shock doctor sleeve (the website didn’t say it wasn’t a pair so i felt a bit cheated) and now my newest addition: volleyball knee protectors from Donnay.

I bought these for €10 at the discount sporting shop near my house. They are virtually the same as the Venum protectors, but came at 1/3rd of the price. Sure they aren’t the best quality, but they’re great to use when your other pair(s) is in the laundry.

Waterpolo cap
When I first saw my friend Alexandro come in to training with a water polo cap on his head i didn’t know what to think. It looked very weird, but he said it worked. A few days later I ordered one aswell, because it sounded to good to be true. The one thing a water polo cap does a lot better than my other head protector ….

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