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Arte Suave | BJJ & Grappling | 09/12/2018

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Don’t wear your Gi to the bar!

Don’t wear your Gi to the bar!


Fans of jiu jitsu literature will no doubt be aware of Marshal Carper, the author behind titles such as ‘The Cauliflower Chronicles’ and ‘Marcelo Garcia’s Advanced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’. Marshal’s latest publication, entitled ‘Don’t Wear Your Gi to the Bar: And Other Jiu Jitsu Life Lessons’ is an entertaining look at all aspects of BJJ culture.

Marshal said: “The book is  a tongue-in-cheek guide to life on and off the mat written with the true jiu-jiteiro in mind. It’s an escape from the seriousness of the sport and a celebration of the art that has captured our curiosity and passion. I am also giving the e-book version away for free.

“I’m giving it away for free because I believe in the goodwill of the jiu jitsu community. In a way, it’s a thank you for all of the great jiu jitsu content that I’ve consumed for free over the years, and I hope that my small part in that tradition will encourage more people to contribute to the growing conversation about jiu jitsu theory, technique, and culture.”

You can download a copy for yourself here:


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