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Arte Suave | BJJ & Grappling | 21/10/2018

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California Dreaming! What happens at Open Mat, stays at Open Mat…

California Dreaming! What happens at Open Mat, stays at Open Mat…

Over twee dagen zal onze gastblogger Roos el Sharouni wat mensen gaan wurgen in Los Angeles. Hoe ze zich daarop voorbereid lees je natuurlijk hier! Vandaag deel vier van haar blog, California Dreaming!

day 4 – 6 the weekend

The jetlag is over and I have filled days and days with only seeing the dojo at JJF. Not that that is a bad thing, but… It was time to do some sightseeing in San Diego!

The weekend started with Friday night! I went out for dinner with Yizel and the other BJJ girls from JJF. Yizel is a “regular girl” at JJF. Just like the “mat rat”, the “regular girl” is another character you’ll find everywhere: this one girl that always shows up at training, because she doesn’t care about being the only girl around. Because we recognized that were each other’s counterpart – always being the only girl – we’ve had some awesome rolls this last week. That Friday, it was nice having a girl’s night out with Yizel, Gabi (Cadu’s wife) and all the other BJJ girls, talking about BJJ (obviously), and all the other stuff that comes with it (gi’s, guys and bruises).


After the morning training on Saturday, we (Ruel, Joe, Ray, Sabir and me) drove to Ocean Beach, which is one of the less crowded beaches in San Diego. I’m still amazed of how outstretched San Diego is! Short comparison: Amsterdam has a population of 825.000 people living on an area of roughly 200 km2. San Diego is inhabited by 1.3 million people living on an area four times as big. More trivia about San Diego: because of the San Andreas Fault (a tectonic boundary between two earth plates), which goes all the way through California, the cities here are at very high risk for earthquakes. That’s why most of the houses are made of wood (besides the fact that it’s cheaper and the climate is warm anyway), because first aid troops can get to you easier that way. Still, not so comforting when someone tells you that while standing on a peer, some 200 meters sea inwards. Thanks guys!

3 2

When you go to the beach in San Diego, you will see a lot of beach bums: homeless people who reside at the beach. Which is really not a strange thing if you think of it, because it’s always nice and warm.
Also, there were people surfing! I’m a white belt when it comes to surfing: I can stand up and make a few turns before I crash into the waves. The BJJ equivalent is something like being able to pull guard and sweep – or at least make an attempt – before being pressured upon and then panic. Still, I wished to be in the water when I made the sunset picture.


We got back home to watch UFC (yeah!) and after that we did some technical rolling in Ruel’s garage till late. The guys do that often in the weekend, calling it their “study group” because they discuss and try out techniques. Sabir – who is the berimbolo guy at JJF, therefore called “Sabirimbolo” – showed back-takes from literally any position you can imagine.


Sunday morning training was great! It was an open mat, meaning that Cadu wasn’t there to give the class. Meaning that things like this happened:


And this:


And this:


I can’t really explain what happened here.

That Sunday was the last training I had at JJF, because I decided I’ll be paying a visit to Kiren’s at Checkmat Headquarters in LA, seeing what he’s up to.
Thank you JJF, for having me!


How was training at Checkmat?
And counting off the last days before competition?

You’ll be reading that next time!

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