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California Dreaming! Volg Roos el Sharouni tijdens haar trip naar de Worlds 2015!

California Dreaming! Volg Roos el Sharouni tijdens haar trip naar de Worlds 2015!

Op vrijdag 29 mei staat Roos el Sharouni voor wellicht haar grootste BJJ uitdaging to nu toe wanneer ze zal deelnemen aan de Worlds 2015 in Los Angeles! Om ons allemaal een beetje jaloers te maken en inzicht te geven in haar avontuur zal de komende week functioneren als haar dagboek. Vandaag trappen we af met haar reis (en die van Kiren) van het koude Nederland naar de zonnige westkust!

Roos, Kiren en natuurlijk ook Orlando, veel succes namens artesuave!

Day 0 – and we’re off! 


I’m in San Diego, California, after a long trip that started yesterday morning. Due to some delay, our flight from Amsterdam to London was scheduled for take-off a little later than initially planned. That resulted in us being able to see the cockpit from inside (yeah!) and furthermore, a woman next to me and Kiren, who was more stressed than us over possibly missing the next flight from London to Los Angeles. She wasn’t even going there, so all the fuss was for us really. Yet, she was close to the point of single-legging other passengers out of our way. Smiling politely back at her (“I think we will be allright miss”), while she pressed us with a last urgent “Go, go, go!”, we didn’t miss our flight – even managed to get coffee – before landing in Los Angeles at 17:00 local time.

In Los Angeles, we were picked up by Ruel, so Kiren and my way was almost about to split – he will stay in LA to train at Checkmet Headquarters and I will be training at Jiu Jitsu Foundation with Cadu Francis, the teacher of Mathieu Peters, who is my trainer in the Netherlands.
The jetlag really started to kick in for both of us at the point we dropped Kiren off at slick gym of Checkmat HQ: I shook hands with Marcus Buchecha, Leo Vieira and Jackson Sousa – only recognized one of them and mistook the rest for random dudes in the gym – and Kiren forgot his phone in the car – I’ll be selling that one soon.

All in all, day 0 was pretty good and ended with me crashing on the bed as soon as I saw it. Keep an eye out for more updates: I will keep you guys posted!

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