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Arte Suave | BJJ & Grappling | 21/10/2018

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California Dreaming! The Worlds is yours.

California Dreaming! The Worlds is yours.

Vandaag een nieuw hoofdstuk in het avontuur van Roos. Niet alleen hier als blog, maar ook omdat ze vandaag dan eindelijk de mat op mag om een gooi te doen naar de Worlds titel!

Helaas wisten Kiren en Orlando ondanks hun goede prestaties niet met een medaille naar huis te gaan, maar desalniettemin hebben ze volgens onze reporter ter plaatse enorm goed gevochten!

Vandaag is het dus de beurt aan Roos! Succes!

day 6 – 8 the last days

The days have passed so fast, and now I find myself on the edge of facing the World Championship. These last days have been a little bit unorganized, and I’ve been all over the place, moving from San Diego to LA, to another place in LA. Now, I’m settled and ready and there’s only two days left before it all starts for me…

The weekend was closed by paying a visit to Balboa Park, which is a weird combination of Spanish Colonial Revival Times meets some undefined modern European style, with a hint of Japanese botanic art.


Monday was spent by beating the traffic jam that ran all the way from San Diego to LA, creating a slow-paced queue of cars for at least two hours. After we tackled that, the guys dropped me off at a sketchy motel that could have been the film set of any American movie from the 90’s. Terrible-speaking Indian receptionist – who strangely enough went by a name as regular as “Nick” – was included in the price. The only reason Kiren and I decided to stay there was because it was close to the Checkmat Headquarters.

The Checkmat BJJ gym is a pretty slick gym, and there’s training three times a day. I trained in the morning and in the evening. Evening classes were given by Leo Vieira ( whose class was all about guard passing. Although it was only for one day, I was happy to have been given the chance to train at Checkmat Headquarters!

Wednesday meant moving places again, yet this time to a place found through Airbnb. Kiren, Orlando (who we met at the Airbnb place) and I will spend the rest of the week here and use this place as a jump-off point to go to the Pyramid, where the championship will take place.
Kiren and I experienced the benefits and drawbacks of modern technology within one hour that day. To start off positive, we thanked Nick for our stay at the dodgy motel (“yes, goodbye, yes”) and fixed a ride to the Airbnb place with an Uber taxi. Great! Taxi got there within two minutes and the driver was impressed and extremely enthusiastic by us doing BJJ (“I think you guys will win!”).
On the less bright side, having no Wifi when we got to the Airbnb place came down to having no means of transport by Uber. This means figurative paralysis in America, where everyone (EVERYONE) has a car. Meant that Kiren and I spent some time sitting in a park across the road, figuring out what to do:

InstaSize_2015_4 _ 280691

I didn’t mention it before, but our Airbnb place is a trailer park for seniors. Feels a bit like a camping place, but in a good way. And Kiren got seriously hit on by two senior ladies, which was extremely funny.

At the end of the day, all was good. Wifi was fixed, Orlando found the place and we got food. Now everyone is asleep and Kiren and Orlando are ready for their combat day, which will be tomorrow.
I’ll keep you guys updated, so keep an eye out!

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