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Arte Suave | BJJ & Grappling | 21/10/2018

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California Dreaming! Sweet dreams are made of this

California Dreaming! Sweet dreams are made of this

Het zit erop. De missie Worlds 2015 is afgerond en Roos is inmiddels alweer terug in Nederland. Hoe gingen haar laatste dagen in California?

day 9 – 12 the worlds

I’m writing this last blog post while being ten kilometers above the ocean, heading back home. Perhaps some of you followed the updates about the fights, but here’s a short recap of what happened.

Starting at 9AM, Kiren was the first one of us – the first one of mat 3 actually – to fight. He won a total of three matches: two on points (one match ended 18-2!) and the last one by a brute omo plata. His fourth opponent was a guy who was supported by a crew 20 Brazilians, all drumming and chanting Favela songs even before the match started, making all of us feel ready for war. Kiren fought hard, but he lost. His opponent ended up being the champion in his division and came in second in the absolute division, so it was tough stuff.
Orlando was up next that morning: he won two fights (one on points, one by triangle submission). His opponent in the third fight looked like he belonged in the medium-heavy class at least, judging by the size of him, which made me wonder how on earth he could have cut the weight. Orlando was ahead on points, but the tide turned during a scramble in the last fifteen seconds. Sadly enough, that meant the end for him, which is really frustrating.

On Friday, it was my turn to fight. The first fight was against a girl who was pretty tall for a featherweight, so when we started I got tangled up in her open guard. She swept me, but I recovered to closed guard and ended the fight with an armbar from there. My second fight was less successful. We fought for a long time standing, having grips and trying to make a takedown. After a few minutes had passed, I threw her with an uchi mata, but she came top. I had closed guard on her but I messed up for a while, thinking I had the takedown points. We got to standing again and I took her down once more but couldn’t control long enough to get points. Time fell short and the match was over.
I felt disappointed, because I know that I didn’t give the hundred percent that I had. I did learn a hard lesson that day, but that is not what I came for. But I guess you don’t always get what you’re coming for. Sometimes you’re not the one to blame, sometimes it really is your fault. Last case scenario is harder to accept, but easier to work on because you’re the one that’s messing up. And yes, sometimes you make really stupid mistakes. Just be sure to make them once and not again.

This trip was the furthest I ever traveled for jiu jitsu, and it were two really intense weeks. So many things have happened in such little time, that I don’t really know where to begin. I am grateful for the hospitality Ruel and his family showed, letting me stay at their house and driving me everywhere in California (note to self: you need a car in Cali!). I am really happy with the support I got from back home and from people here. Besides that, it was a huge experience to be at such a great event. The atmosphere is tense and buzzing and mats are filled with people showing courage and heart and passion for jiu jitsu. I have never seen so many good fights in one day, let alone in a whole week. I saw Lucas Leite single-legging guys who are two weight classes up, which was very impressive. I saw Joao Miyao lose to Bruno Malfacine by only one advantage which was subtracted from Miyao’s score only after time was up, creating unanimous outrage from everyone but the Alliance corner.

I saw Rafa Mendes defeating Cobrinha, making him World champion for the fifth time in a row. After his win he stood in front of the crowd, and made a “one…two…three..” with his hands, making us count with him and then the we all went crazy and screamed “four…FIVE!!” all together. I saw Mackenzie Dern winning her first World Chamionship as a black belt and I saw Leandro Lo doing his thing and dancing while being in mount position. That guy is awesome.
Most importantly, this trip made me realize that jiu jitsu means a lot to me. So much, that this is not the end, it’s just the beginning.

Enough said. I see you on the mat guys!


Thank you…
Thank you everyone, for the good luck wishes
Thank you Kiren and Orlando for the coaching
Thank you, Sabir, Yizel, Juan and Eric for unexpectedly coming to support me that Friday, all the way from San Diego!
Thank you Mathieu Peters, for being my trainer
Thank you Yasmin Sewgobind, for being my mental coach
Thank you, everyone I train(ed) with!
Thank you, Sarai Pannekoek, for your great advice on sports nutrition (no weight cutting, be fit and strong instead!)
Thank you, Noel Brand, for being a bad ass strength and conditioning coach


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