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Black Belts for Kids (Must see!)

Eind vorig jaar werd er in LA een seminar gegeven door 10 black belts om geld in te zamelen voor het goede doel.

Dit seminar is sinds kort ook terug te vinden op Youtube en is misschien wel het best bewaarde geheim momenteel. Het seminar duurt 2,5uur en de volgende Black Belts hebben er aan deelgenomen:

Henry Akins – How to do “Hidden Jiu Jitsu”. Henry spent more time training with Master Rickson Gracie than practically anyone. He was the lead instructor at the Rickson Gracie Academy for 10 years. (Watch has he teaches techniques never shown in a seminar before.)

Eddie Bravo – Creator of the 10th Planet system. Eddie got his Black Belt from Jean Jacques Machado and is know for creating his own unique style of Jiu Jitsu that has revolutionized the Jiu Jitsu world.

Sean Flanery – Head instructor of Hollywood BJJ and long time student of Rickson Gracie.

Jeff Glover – Paragon Jiu Jistu Black Belt. Jeff is know as the master of the D’Arce Choke and the Deep Haft Guard. He is a 27 time Grapplers Quest Champion and is known for his record of only 4 losses in the last 8 years while fighting on the world level.

Felicia Oh – Jean Jacques Machado Black Belt. Felicia got her black belt in 4.5 years and went on to be an Abu Dhai and FILA Worlds champions. She is known as the competition scientist very few men have the competition experience she does.

Scott “Einstein” Epstein – 10th Planet Black Belt. Scott is the longest running instructors at 10th Planet Head Quarters. He is also and undefeated MMA fighter. He know especially for this guillotine choke and zero impact strength training system.

Cade Nelson – Originally a student of Rickson Gracie Cade went on to get his No-Gi Black Belt from Eddie Bravo Black Belt and recently got his Purple Belt from Cobrahina in only 3 weeks. He is known for his bicep and shin slicers.

John “Salami” – Originally a student of Joe Moreira John went on to get his Gi Black Belt from Pistol Pete Loncarevich. In no gi John is a Brown Belt in the 10th Planet system. John is a Periodization Trainer for world class road cycling athletes across the world and is now training fighters in his system,to great success.

Steve Cardenas – Paragon Jiu Jitsu Black Belt. Steve is a former “Power Ranger” and 5th degree black belt in American Tae Kwon Do he started training martial arts in his hometown of San Antonio, Texas at the young age of 12.

Joel Tudor – Black Belt under Carlson Gracie & Rodrigo Medeiros, Joel has won numerous Brazilian Jiu Jitsu titles such as the Pan Ams and US Nationals. He is also an ADCC veteran.

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