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BJJ, studeren en examens

BJJ, studeren en examens

Het combineren van studie en jiu jitsu is af en toe best lastig. Toch brengt deze combinatie ook voordelen met zich mee.

It happens every few months: our grappling team, most of them go to the same school, suddenly shrinks from around 10 people to two, maybe three guys. The reason seems obvious: my training partners don’t have time to train, because they have to study for their exams.

I’m different. Any time I have an exam coming up, I will train even more. I do that because it takes my mind of the material, and helps me relax. When I prepare for an exam I will basically lock myself in my room and study all day. This gets pretty boring, so I really need to take my mind of it when the day is over. BJJ helps a lot in achieving this goal, so I can start the studying fresh the next day. I do have to admit that my study doesn’t need as much effort as some other study directions, which means I have the time to train every evening.

Another reason BJJ helps me ace my exams, is because BJJ helps me deal with the stress an exam can bring. A lot of my fellow students get anxious before and during an exam. It’s actually pretty logical. We have to make our exams in a huge room, with hundreds of other students, while surveillents and cameras (!) are watching our every move. If we fail, we have to do it all over again, and if we fail again, we’ll have to sit through the whole course again. You could say there are enough reasons to feel anxious.

I rarely get anxious before or during exams. After thinking about it, it became clear to me why that was. I put myself in real danger on the mat every day. Daily I have teammates choking me, putting me in arm bars, crushing me under their patented Rickson Gracie style pressure. Sitting in a room full of silent people writing words on a piece of paper suddenly seems pretty comfortable.

Other factors
Ofcourse BJJ isn’t the only reason….


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